Friday, October 29, 2010

333 remembers

“Know ye this:
I was with you then
Just as I am amongst you even now
In myriad forms and diver’s places
Eyes wide shut behind the mask
As it shall ever be
Until Carcosa…”

‘If a man asks:
What is the
Say to him:
It is The End
the final ending
of the world of men
It is the agent of the End
The instrument of The End
The inexorable power of The End’2
-[WWW]Robert De Grimston3

If you’re harder yet to please
We have most delightful dreams
Our recorders will preserve
The intensity and passion of your screams
For we only aim to please
It’s our customers who gain
As their appetites increase
They must come to us
for pleasure and for pain
And the price is right
The cost of one admission is your mind
-[WWW]The United States of America

‘Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down…
Bodies confused
Memories misused
As we run from the day
to a strange night of stone…’
-Jim Morrison

P. Emerson Williams is clearly a devil with bad intent and is definitely out to Get you. But he can’t make an om-elette without breaking a few culling stations.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blackjack sets out Illuminati Plan

Blackjack sets out Illuminati Plan

The evil there is thick. I have said enough, if not too much already. I am even a little scared.Also, I thought I should add something to my previous comments. If you would like to learn a little something about the owl 'of Bohemia' / Moloch; or Choronzon, according to Aleister Crowley (please pray for God to protect your mind before reading anything from this man), Read, "Liber AL vel Legis" (The Book of the Law); and "The Vision and the Voice, the Tenth Aether" (by, A. Crowley).

Also, you need to watch a fairly new movie called "The Fourth Kind." If you do, pay attention to the owl; and the fact that the camera keeps panning over to a clock that has the numeral 3:33, it means something. For it is also the number of the 'angel' of disperstion. According to John Dee (famous Hermetic occultist from the 16th century), and also A. Crowley. This movie is really intense, as it has actual film of people possessed of this devil.

I don't know why I feel like spilling my guts of this fine day (something that happens to those who betray the Craft), but it is also very interesting to note, that when you reach the 33rd degree in Freemasonry; in ritual you have a choice of kissing one of three books; The Bible, the koran, or A. Crowley's Book of the Law.Just the tip of the iceburg. I don't see the point in approaching this with ignorance, though... even from a christian point of view, these men are the same in the far right who are supposedly devoted to church values.

The question I have: will the people of the US tolerate other religions than their christian churches? If not, then there are bigger "problems" here than your leaders being involved in the occult.

Also interesting to note, is the fact that the secret of the 33rd degree, is that is where the second influx of fallen angels descended upon the earth to, Mount Hermon/Armon/Sion (not Zion, look up 'Sion' in your concordance), in Lebenon (sp?), and it is at the 33rd parallel. It is also not a coincidence, that on the other side of the world; sitting on the 33rd parallel, is Roswell New Mexico. Thought I would throw y'all a bone. Good luck with your research. It is refreshing to see your faith in the Lord's protection of yourself.

Moloch / Choronzon / the Owl of Bohemia = #333. ORDO TEMPLI MAGNUM MYSTERIUM ILLUMINATUS. Not only are our leaders involved in the Bohemian Grove but they also belong to Secret societies such as the Skull and Bones Society. George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and John Kerry all belonged to the Skull and Bones Society and when asked about it said:

"It's too secret to talk about". It's all they can say. As Bonesmen, they are forbidden by the code of silence that has shrouded the activities of this Yale-based secret society for the past 170 years.

Choronzon - Ziggurat

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pentagon, Choronzon 333 and Euler

For those who believe that the attacks of 9/11 were not linked to the Occult, the evidence thatthey were continues to grow. Coincidence, as a simple mathematical exercise, becomes everweaker an "explanation". This article provides additional numerical evidence that adds toprevious material on other articles by this writer.BACKGROUND ON 9/11 ATTACK ON PENTAGON LINK TO EULER CONSTANT:1. The numerology of the Euler Constant .577 is replete throughout the Pentagon. There is alsoa connection to the London attacks of 7-7-5 and the tallest building in Mecca 775 Feet tall. Eulerwrote a book on the phases of the moon which was 775 pages long and the crescent moon is thesymbol of Islam, based in Mecca , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. .BACKGROUND ON BIZZARE PENTAGON 9/11 MEMORIAL:2. The plane struck the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m. EST. See photos of Pentagon 9/11 Memorial: / / .WHAT IS 9:37?4. 9 x 37 = 333. This number is associated with the demon Choronzon. It has been usedextensively by the Illuminati. / and scroll down20% .5. What is 9? 3x3x3 as in the previous 333. Also 3x3 or the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry .The NINE is also linked to a group of Superhuman beings of an unknown nature: Scroll to nearbottom - .6 What is 37? A number linked to 666. 37 x 18 is 666. 37 x (6+6+6) = 666. It is the largestprime number divisible into 666. .EULER NUMBER LINK TO 9:37a.m. 9/11 ATTACK ON PENTAGON:7. The Euler Constant is .577 . It is an infinite irrational number like PHI or Pi. From midnightuntil 9:00a.m. there are 60 minutes to the hour. Multiplied by 9 hours it is 540 minutes. If youadd 37 to 540 , You have -coincidentally- 577 Minutes. The numbers of the Euler Constantnoted previously as having a link to the Pentagon and London attacks.8. The number of dead in the attack is said to be 184. 18 x 4 = 72. There are 72 degrees in aPentagram. There are 540 degrees in the interior angles of a Pentagram. Degrees and Pentagram: .1+8+3 = 13. The number of the witches coven. More coincidences?9. The number sequence 577 appears four times in the first 1,000 digits of Pi. .First place at 454 : 2 x 227 is 454. Pi is also known as 22/7 - .Second place at 612: The number 612 is associated with Mecca, The Kabbalah and the Apothemof the Great Pyramid of Giza. . Thereare allegedly 612 formulas in a Bible based code. .Third place at 837: The number 837 is 3x3x3x31. . Thiscould be 333 x 31 or the 13 in reverse. Another way is 2 x 37 x 2 x 2 or 23722. If one reversesthis one gets 22732. Again we have 22/7 and the number 32. Further, the number 8 x thenumber 37 is the same as the number 37 x the number 8. The number 378 has extensive linksto Mayan architecture. .More coincidence?Fourth place at 993: 3 x 331 = 993. Again the 333 and the 31. Reversed at 1333 or the 13th ofthe witches and the Freemason 33. Coincidentally, 9 x 93 = 837 or the previous number notingthe 3rd place where 577 appears as sequence in pi. The number 9 is implicit in the 9/11 attacksand Flight 93 crashed into the field in Pennsylvania. The crescent like memorial for Flight 93is reminscent of the crescent moon , again, note Euler's 775 page book on the phases of themoon and The Flight 93 memorial is "oriented towards Mecca" .CONCLUSION:The only group in the western world that utilizes mecca / muslim symbolism is the Shriners.They are freemasons. Could this be a clue as to who or what is behind the attacks? Scroll down90% . Shriners and crescent moon .

I can not as yet tell of the problems that I have had since I started reporting on the demonic 333 influence around us and how Mr. Emerson Williams is secretly behind everything going on. It seems like the sounds I unearthearthed were lost to them before. Now, P. Emerson has been busy all over the place. Be warned, even where his intentions are not even hinted at, strange tales surround those who open up their souls to it. In that connection, here is something else he did with another deeply connected occultist:

It's up to you to determine if you can withstand the diabolical influence. Be warned, for strong Christians to know the enemy only.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Considereing that Mr.333 has been connected with some very curious stories high up leaders in the both political parties and furthermore has a history of leaving broken psyches in his wake, I came across a very curious mentions in far flung places. This has been very controlled up to now.

Amongst the recent material I've been given access to are documents linking him to corporate and government projects that are shaping our world. There is proof that P. Emerson Williams is a construct created by an organization which individuals are initiated into embodying at various points and with various personae, though with the same name. Could this be why no two of his public projects are the same?

I don'r want to call attention from others who are on the same path for now, for I cannot be held responsible for what happens to them, but most do not have the strength to follow this path through to the end.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Choronzon - Torn Away (Demo 1989)

This came my way literally minutes ago, along with links to other suspect media that was purpetrated in Boston in the 80s and 90s. Rumors of connections between Mr.333 and the Inner-X circle are as yet unconfirmed.

No cover for this. If anyone has a copy of the tape, I would be very gragteful if you could send me a scan.


Choronzon - Torn Away demo

Song list:

1. Slowly Unfold
2. A.'.A.'.1.1
3. Ravages Outside Time
4. Inner Universe
5. 2012EV
6. Torn Away From Existance

Subconscious Demons

More posts coming soon and more "music". The threads lead me closer to the govt. and hidden secrets the further I track them. Choronznon the demon and Choronzon the band have ties to thing they never mention.

I have gotten access to more obscure Choronzon and Emerson audio, which will show up later if I don't disappear first.

Chronozon, or Choronzon? The latter was the demon/s first mentioned by Dee/Kelley The 333 Current is an evolutionary product of the 93 Current--both are, according to the exoteric lore of their practitioners, strictly involved with self-improvement -- finding your True Self after battling various demons, or getting in league with the demons, and so forth. (Not that I eschew HMW's theory--this keyword hijacking stuff is brilliant, even if [always and necessarily] at the level of supposition). An earlier comment is certainly true--I take it that putting it on a fictional program on TV means at a conscious level, people then assume it's "some Hollywood thing" (X-Files being a signal example), but I think that at an unconscious level, people assimilate it into their fears and their subconscious approach to reality. My problem regarding numerology is that it is so evidently used in 9-11-2001--and so obviously tied into Thelemic gematria--but it seems to fly in the face of the self-centered nature of much post-1880 magic. Crowley's hijinks aside, and rumored associations with secret governments (most high magicians were charged with this--Dee was another famous case), I don't find a hint of "let's tamper with the world order" inside the "mainstream" writings of Golden Dawn/Levi/OTO practice, even as it evolved into Typhonianism, Setianism, and so forth. I can't find an exoteric connection, for example, to Skull and Bones, the Bohemian Grove, except through the overarching structure of Masonry. When we present the evidence of 9-11 as a Thelemic megaritual that was designed to work on various levels (and did), and point to the Temple of Set as an example of how "the Occult" works within the military, this is not meant to indict any and all practitioners of non-Christian magic, any more than the Crusades or the Inquisition are an indictment of all Christians. It simply shows that numerology-saturated occult systems can grow and thrive within the power structure; we don't know whether Mr. Aquino's political practice is tied into his occult beliefs, or whether that would mean anything more sinister than the Christian beliefs of Mr. Bush, which are sufficient to prepare us for Armageddon in any case (hell, who needs anything other than "End Times" lore to bring about WWIII?) We definitely saw the "dark side" of the Occult revival in the late 1800s as certain streams of it were used to further racialist, mystic nationalism that ended in the black hole of Hitlerian Nazism. We are presumably seeing it again, which likely means that people who mean to do evil to achieve "good" (NWO?) have simply hijacked Thelema, as has happened to Masonry in the past; all you would need would be a pretty literal interpretation of the Book of the Law, for example. I could see power-saturated elites who in any case breathe different air than the rest of us perceiving of Christianity as a religion for the masses, for the weak; just like the Nazis, they strive to become gods themselves, something that I don't think mainstream Xtianity lets us do, or mainstream anything. I suspect that the answer to "who hatched 9-11?" will never be available to us, just as many major events are never fully explained (Gunpowder Plot, for example-but we can go back to Rome and before). Even the Golden Dawn rituals state that the penalties for divulging the really secret stuff are pretty nasty; how many want to be hung from Blackfriar's Bridge? But by fully avoiding any consideration of what seemed so obvious at the time (Muslims use numerology) when it turns out the numerology isn't Islamic, we miss an opportunity to explore the symbolic "richness" of the event, and what that means for the future; what it signifies about the nature of power in the world. Maybe we could figure out if anyone along the way posited 9-11-2001 as the true New Millennium in a twisted version of the world's oldest calendar; the Crowleyites already had their Aeon of Horus, the New Agers their Age of Aquarius, the Chaos magicians their Aeon of Maat, and so forth. And didn't the Aeon of Set begin in 1975 or thereabouts? So who spent one would think well over a decade planning to usher in a new Aeon in a way so spectacular that history has never really seen its parallel? Under the watchful gaze of "Isis" (esoteric version of Statue of Liberty), evoking the Qlippothic forces (their number is 11--the 11th sephir, Knowledge, of the Sepiroth, is the location of the Abyss, Chaos, in some post-1880 Qabbala) to topple the pillars of Solomon's Temple (once the Pillars of Hercules, then recreated at the gateway to the New World). For all we dislike Rockefeller, he and Yamasaki saw the towers as a neo-Gothic statement of Truth and etc.; would it make sense to have Rockefeller in on some idea that the towers would be knocked down, and apparently (which is what counts, BTW) by phallic missiles? (Sex magick writ large--again, pretty damn twisted) In any case, you usher in a new Aeon/millennium, unleashing a war on the infidel, a war without end, embedding these incredible symbols deeply into the psyches of almost every human being on the planet (and this will be for as long as there is a history--for thousands of years--as we have certain images evoked for us from ancient times). The Twin Towers would have been enough Then a 93 plane, presumably headed toward the capitol (representative government has many enemies in elite occultism), the Higher Self, Holy Guardian Angel--like the way Thelemites sign their posts, "93" or "93/93" And a 77 plane hitting (or appearing to hit, which is what matters) the 77-foot Pentagon, which is NOT a symbol of Baphomet BTW, as it's right side up); the Pentagon for which, presumably, Masons were responsible for laying its cornerstone on 9-11-1941. Nothing odd in that date--David Ovason magisterially shows us that the star that has always ruled DC is Sirius, and no surprise there, what with the Masonic mania for all things Egyptian, and the early 19th-century realization of the importance of Sirius to ancient Egyptians; the obelisk and the blazing star are symbols of Sirius , and the heliacal rising of Sirius was the reason for the New Years' of the Egyptian Coptic calendar starting on 9-11. The Pentagon's construction was a chance for faithful Freemasons to regain some of the occult geometerical power in the capital region that had been so often obscured over the previous centuries. 77 is all about the declaration of the rights of man, and can be interpreted (book 77) as bellicose. Anyway, despite the existence of folks like Jack Parsons (A Thelemite inside the US defense industry in the 1940s), it is fully possible that the 9-11-1941 cornerstone-laying event was simply and innocently Masonic, and not tied into any plans for 9-11-2001 and a new Aeon 60 years inf the future, as symbolism and numerology tied to Sirius has been in Masonry for quite a long time. But it does point to the possibility that these threads were woven together by occultists (again--don't take offense!) more recently, perhaps even to make it look like 9-11 had been 'prophesied' in the very construction of the US defense apparatus. The relationship to 9-1-1 emergency? No one can actually tell who within AT&T devised the number, and why it was devised; there's a rather strange letter about this from 9-10-2001: scroll down (Somebody's idea of a bad joke?). Anyway, I would think, given that so much of what happened on 9-11-2001 was within the purview of the military-, that we are dealing with a group of "get-er-done" initiates inside the US military, as it is relatively impervious to scrutiny. Say, the ONI for example--our oldest secret government organ--for those who might seek some historical continuity and would link 9-11-1941 to modern events in a premeditated and direct causal framework. I think the CIA has taken a lot of flak, and the FBI and even NSA, without any real scrutiny of what goes on in the military's numerous "intelligence" agencies. Put another way--if there is complicity in the US government for 9-11, how would it be possible for elements of the military NOT be involved? Because we've been brainwashed to think that they only follow orders, and that Dick and W are the bad guys? Unlike the US civilian government, the military IS hierarchical in structure, and does have a deep historical continuity, an imbedded sense of mission regarding an (almost?) mystic sense of "America" as the guiding light in the world. And how many politicians like W WERE in the US military, and come from families that, like the elite in all countries in the world, feel that military service is the most honorable and patriotic duty one can perform? The military, Masonry, Blavatsky, John Dee, the very fabric of American life--all have shared an incredible and mystic fascination with making America and Americans into the place and race of the New World; this "Americanism" (Manly P Hall's "Secret Destiny of America") is at the core of Masonic operations in the US; Dee called America Atlantis, and helped build Elizabeth into a Virgo-like figure who would launch the British Empire; Blavatsky saw in Americans the future of the spiritual evolution of humankind; Americans are among the most patriotic people in the world DESPITE all evidence to the contrary as to just how shitty this country can be. The US military is the ultimate guarantor of those once-esoteric and dangerous Masonic values of Freedom that gave birth to so many revolutions in the 1700s and 1800s and 1900s. Besides, c'mon people, it's only a few thousand dead. Who better than the military to know the true cost of peace and the cost of war--who better than those who have laid waste to the world in the name of Freedom to understand that the cost of not bringing the NWO, with America at its helm, a little closer to realization, is too great to bear? The writing on the wall is one of over a billion Chinese and a billion Indians ready and willing to turn the tide against the sine qua non of world civilization as Western; a billion Muslims who pray first to Mecca, before Jerusalem; a defense budget ever dwindling with the "Peace dividend" in a world with proliferating WMD. Perhaps the genesis of 9-11 was in conversations at the very end of the Cold War, prior to Bush I's NWO speech on 9-11. Really, the cost of a few thousand lives is paltry when the stakes are so high. Then there are those who wail and moans about everything having gone wrong, but what has gone wrong? The US military is wealthier than ever, and we are closer and closer to getting a lock on the wealth that we need (oil) to run our wonderful free market economy. I'll leave for another weekend a discussion of the connections between "free market" (esoteric Americanist version, meaning controlled hierarchically by an initiated elite) and the march of freedom. But I would argue that everything you need to know about Americanism is in the key speeches of US presidents, particularly the recent one. Call it Anglo-Americanism if you like--who ever debunked this conspiracy, anyway? People just move on.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Choronzon - In My Own Life Blood I Exult To Float Demo 1991

Year: 1991

1: In My Own Life Blood I Exult To Float
2: Cruel and Epicene
3: Agony and Bliss
4: Visitation of Dread Desire
5: Crossing the Abyss

Length: 00:49:54

This is some very primitive and even more lysergic Black Metal. The final track sounds like tape manipulation done in a parking garage. In comparison to the only publicly traded demo they did before they signed to Nocturnal Art, this is much rawer and less "experimental" and more experimental, if you know what I mean. For the later demo they seemed to be trying to pull in Throbbing Gristle fans with their electronics and cutup arrangements.

I'm guessing that at this point Mr. Williams was just starting to consider making this project something for the market, though the vocals still sound more like incantions from rituals and do not necessarily make for the best rockin' entertainment.

A very hard tape to get a hold of, as he was still only giving copies to persons present at the event itself. The individual who passed this on to me told me it was recorded in a network of underground caverns under the city of Providence, RI. As with anything that has to do with Choronzon and P. Emerson Williams, there's no way to verify the stories.

My source for this recording refuses to tell me who he is or how he obtained it. Apparently some were injured in the process of the performance and were considered to be chosen and special for the experience. I used to run into people from this strange cult a lot back in the nineties, but they must all be locked away by now.